We’ve built small, reliable team with years of experience helping hundreds of indie authors and publishers run their online businesses.

With an emphasis on marketing and audience building via social media, we also have expertise setting up and maintaining autoresponder email campaigns, finding customized marketing opportunities, and helping with the tasks inside the WordPress platform favored by most authors and e-commerce professionals.

More recently, our other enterprise at SafelyLeaveTheRatRace, has created many clients who want help setting up and running their site so they can focus their time on higher-level work.

As a service to the online entrepreneurs who are not necessarily indie authors, we utilize a trusted in-house team to handle these very specific but critical elements of your enterprise.

Help With Content
Help With Social Media
Help With WordPress

Help With Content

1. Writing Content

Our team can create professionally written and edited content for your site, autoresponder campaigns, or other marketing efforts. Articles are tightly targeted and include important keywords to boost search engine optimization. When required, articles are footnoted and/or linked to relevant research sources. Content is original and you retain copyright.

Per word: $0.23


2. Detailed SEO Analysis and Writing

Every website has the ability to rank highly for specific keyword phrases. But it requires specialized software and careful manual analysis to determine what phrases are attainable for the average content producer. We can create a report and content strategy for you.

Research billed in 1 hr increments at $65/hr. (4 hour minimum)

Related articles written. Per word: $0.23

3. Set Up an Email Campaign

For most online businesses the e-mail list is the bread and butter of their income stream. A professional, integrated autoresponder sequence of email messages is essential to generating maximum revenue. We can place content you write into an Aweber, ConvertKit, MailChimp, or similar service according to the delivery frequency you specify and with proper formatting. We also create a duplicate page on your site so every e-mail can contain a link saying “If you can’t read this e-mail, click here to see it in your browser.”

One-time cost of $75 per autoresponder message, including web page.

4. Videofy Your Articles

Yes, we know there is no such word as videofy or even videoize. But this is a brilliant and effective way to re-purpose existing content.

5. Convert Articles to PDF’s

This is another smart, proven method to re-purpose existing content into pdf documents that people like to download.

6. Marketing Outreach

One of the pillars of growing an online business is finding ways to get visibility in your niche. We can research and compile a list of suitable ‘Influencers’ in your niche. We can also contact them via e-mail in an attempt to garner opportunities to provide guest posts from you, have you be a podcast guest, or other tactics that leverage an Influencer’s large, targeted audience.

Billed in 1 hr increments at $55/hr. (1 hour minimum)

Help With Social Media

7. Set-up One Social Media Account

We create the appropriate account/page on the common social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You provide image(s) that can be used for header, profile, etc.

One-time cost of $197.


8. Manage One Social Media Account

We can help you build a large, authentic audience of people on social media who are interested in what you have to say and what you write. We distribute your articles, posts, images, and other suitable content using the best hashtags and keywords to reach your targeted audience. We respond to comments where appropriate and refer queries to the appropriate page or e-mail address. (Does not include Pinterest. Pinterest requires custom graphics and is billed as #3.)

Recurring cost of $247/mo. One month minimum commitment, cancellable for any reason by either party.


9. Manage One Social Media Account / We Curate Relevant Content

In some cases, authors and entrepreneurs do not create their own content on a frequent basis. In this situation it is necessary to curate engaging, relevant content to build an audience. We search the web to find high quality content aimed directly at your targeted audience and post it on a scheduled basis using the best hashtags and keywords for your niche. (Alternatively, we can also write original content for you and use it in your social media campaigns, combining #2 and #5, below)

Recurring cost of $497/mo. One month minimum commitment, cancellable for any reason by either party.

Help With WordPress

10. Publish a Page or Post in WordPress

Many entrepreneurs do not want to spend their time learning WordPress or posting, formatting, optimizing, and tweaking every post or page they create. We can handle every aspect of getting your content online, including formatting, image uploading, tagging, scheduling, and more.

One-time cost of $45 per post or page.

11. Miscellaneous WordPress Tasks

Stuff happens. Sometimes there is a need to dig into a problem with a WordPress site and solve an issue. Occasional updates are required of both the platform itself and of multiple plugins that are used on every site. We are very familiar with WordPress and can handle over 90% of the issues that arise. (We are not coders and developers and do not create custom solutions.)

Billed in 1/2 hr increments at $55/hr. (1 hour minimum)